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What is it and how much


In recent years there has been a large growth in what are known as single board computers(SBC). These different from traditional computers by having all their components assembled on a single board. A monitor and keyboard need to be attached if they are to be used directly like a traditional computer.

There are many types of SBCs ranging from small control boards associated with internet of things (IOT) devices such as security cameras, smart fridges, mowers and heating controls. To full size boards used in modern high powered laptops. To most people now SBCs mean the highly flexible, normally ARM based boards from sources such as the Raspberry Pi project (example, pictured above).

Pi-Bond Services has developed an expertise in configuring the low cost Raspberry Pi range of SBCs to provide services such as web-servers, virtual private networks(VPN), network accessible storage(NAS) and video encoding.

For a list of common SBCs click here(external site)


By Using SBCs we can offer a service that is:


A family based Service that is designed to meet the need of charities and social enterprises


To provide independent high quality advice and support in ICT without the normal inflated costs

Low Cost solutions

By using the latest developments in single board computers and monitoring the Chinese market.


high quality, aimed at encouraging you to take control of your ICT solutions


Simple pricing plans

  • Charity
  • At cost
  • for example: Simple Website
  • No set up costs
  • Endless Support
  • £ 10

    per year
  • Social Enterprises
  • At cost plus 5%
  • for example: Magazine Website
  • No setup costs
  • Endless Support
  • £ 25

    per year
  • SMEs
  • At cost plus 10%
  • for example: basic e-business wesbite*
  • £ 80 set up cost
  • Endless Support
  • £ 30

    per year

* pi-Bond Services can not accept liability for trading issues


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